Thursday, 8 February 2018

Eternal Togetherness throughout a Short Traverse of Bliss

No matter how many days a journey stays, if you set off with the people you love the most, it sure turns out to be the best of every other journey. 

After my little family of my wife and son had been formed, this was the first journey we had been on which was indeed a pleasant journey. We are residing in Bangalore and hence we were never short of places to visit in the neighboring states. Even though this time, rather than an extra baggage for us, we had been keen on the baby's towels and clothes as his comfort throughout the journey had been our prime concern. We had decided to visit Kerala this time as on the journey, we had also decided to visit Guruvayoor temple. I had communicated with Seasonzindia and had been given an itinerary through a package with which we could be visiting the places. Together with the little champ and his mother, we began the journey of our Kerala tour in the air-conditioned lobby of the Indian railway. We had been moving through the means of travel that imparts comfort and would fall into a price range that would not be so costly. 

After we got down at Shornur railway station, the driver picked us up and our drive to Guruvayoor began. Our little boy had been up from sleep and had been busy staring out of the window and we had been moving smoothly as the train journey had not been a tiring one. As we reached the driver dropped us at a hotel where there was no minimum stay policy which was indeed a great bliss as you don't have to pay the whole rent of the room for just spending 2 hours in it. We refreshed, wore some traditional clothes and vacated the room to reach the temple. The crowd seemed to be like the Sunday malls in Bangalore but everyone seemed to have a concern for the baby due to which we made our way easily to the temple. We had a divine darshan and did some lady shopping for the wife where she had found a place selling bangles and bindis. When we were done we walked to the hotel where the driver had dropped us as he had parked the car there. We got into the car and the drive to our prime destination for vacay, Wayanad began but we had already decided that during the night we would be staying in Kozhikode. 

We asked the driver to keep the speed low which indeed turned out to be as the roads were filled with traffic. When we had reached the district of Kozhikode, we stopped and got into a hotel for the stay. They had half day policy due to which I could keep half the price of the room in my pocket. Since the baby had been droopy, we sat in the hotel and when it was almost 7 we got out and decided to take a walk around. We even made the baby lick the Kozhikode Halwa even though we were not confident of it. But both we had enough fit and packed some as well and got back to the room as sleep was necessary for the champ and we required eating some good food which we ordered through room service. In the meantime, our parents kept calling us from Bangalore to infer about the baby and just like that, the day came to an end. The next day morning again, the drive began to Wayanad. The thing was that it was not possible to get to this place in a flight or a train as the hills didn't have the facilities to this. 

The drive had been pretty awesome as we started rolling up the Thamarassery hairpins. 

As we reached the driver got us into a homestay facility where we kept the bags and then we got going to Muthanga Wildlife sanctuary. That is where we had decided to be visiting in the first go. Even though they had jeep safari, we decided not to be on one and instead walked around for some time. We got to see some deer and pieces and that was the first of the baby sighting both these. When we were done with that, we decided to walk back as we had not been sighting any other animal anywhere close by. That is when we realized that we had actually not taken the baby to Bannerghatta National Park despite it being located at Bangalore. And since it was feeding time, we decided to have lunch after which we proceeded to Banasura Sagar Dam where they had boating facility. There we had a good time being at one of the largest dams in the whole of India. By the evening we made our way to Pookode Lake which was the last place of visit. As it had been getting cooler we did not want to stay outside with the baby. After spending some time on the beautiful lake, we left to the homestay where the people had been more than loving as they were fond of babies and made sure that he was in utmost comfort. The place hosted us in the best possible manner and we definitely tipped them for the extra happy stay they provided us.

And in utmost comfort and no difficulties, the baby had proved that he is a true traveller for not even once did he trouble us with uncertainties. We were glad that everything had gone as per the plan on the Kerala tour and we had actually been returning back to Bangalore. The service by the tour planners had been good and each place where we had stayed and been to on the package had also been a great time. The places we went across and the food we had had all been memories and good pictures in the camera. On the happiness of having been on a tour after almost a year and a half, we went back hometown with much more than happiness on our cards. 

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Kerala State Where Tourism Developed Into Branches

Blessed with nature, wildlife, historical destinations, cultural heritage and rich traditions, Kerala is a state located to the southernmost tip of India where tourism is one of the main sources of income and employment. Being a land rich in potential for tourism to cherish the state government and the tourism department have classified tourism into a number of categories on the basis of the destinations and activities included in the category. One of the main aims of the Kerala tourism department to classify tourism into different categories is to give a clear idea for the travelers about the different varieties of destinations and a wide possibility of tourism in the land. One of the main reasons for the government of Kerala to support tourism in the land is due to the fact that tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in the land which helps greatly in the economic development of the state. Catching up with the increasing interest in categorized tourism, different tour operators like Seasonz India are now in the field with a number of tour packages based on the customer's interest and seasonal trends. The Kerala tourism department is now supporting such travel operators with innovative ideas and interest in tourism. With the development of tourism, the Kerala government have introduced a number of tourism categories. Some of such trending tourism categories in Kerala are listed below.

Festive Tourism

Apart from being known as the gods own country and the land of coconuts, Kerala is a land which is also known as the Festive capital of the country. Kerala being a state that houses a wide verity of ancient traditions and culture holds in a number of festivals which fascinates the travellers visiting the place. A number of foreign travellers visit Kerala during the festive seasons to enjoy the celebration and the colour splash of the season. Most of every city in Kerala has a different and unique way in which each of the seasonal festivals is celebrated in the land. This uniqueness is one thing that attracts the travellers from around the world. Onam is one of the best festivals in Kerala which attracts tourist into the land. One of the main attractions of Onam is its traditional feast with a number of Curries and payasam. In Alleppey, Onam is celebrated with snake boat race which fascinates the tourists visiting the land to enjoy the seasonal splash of Onam. Some of the other festivals in Kerala which attract the attention of the tourist from around the world are Thrissur Puram, Pongal, the harvesting festival and more.

Seasonal Tourism

With the change in seasons and celebrations, Kerala offers the tourist with a number of new reasons to travel and explore the land. Seasonal tourism is one of the major categories of tourism in Kerala which attracts the attention of the tourist to a greater extent. Most of the travellers availing the seasonal packages are either nature lovers or honeymooners. With the arrival of winters, most of the tour operators and the tourism department would be all set with the winter packages which would mostly include destinations like hill stations. Most of the hill stations in Kerala are the best to visit during winters so that the travellers could enjoy the dew in nature and have a climate perfect for honeymooners. Some of the best destination for winter tourism in Kerala includes the hill stations of Munnar, Wayanad, Alleppey and much more. Being a state where monsoon hits twice a year, monsoon tourism is a must in the place. The wildlife destinations, backwater destinations and the beach destinations are the best choices for monsoon tourism in the land. Summer is the time when families rejoice and spend time with children. It is with the summer holidays that most of the travellers trip to Kerala to explore the family holiday destinations in the land. Some of the best places to visit during the summer seasons include the hill stations and the wildlife destinations where the climate is moderate. With the change in season and climates, the tourist destination of Kerala shows a different colour of nature.

Business Tourism

Kerala being a developing business city supports and promotes business tourism with an aim to attract business travellers to the land. Business tourism in Kerala is supported greatly by the Kerala government so as to improve the economic condition of the state. A number of different and attractive business tour packages are introduced by the tourism department to increase the flow of business travellers from business hubs like Bangalore, Mumbai and more. Kerala being a state with immense potential is greatly in need of a support from a neighbouring state to develop business. The business tours organised in Kerala would mainly include a number of destinations with a great potential in developing an enterprise. One if the added advantage of the business tourism in Kerala is that it would help the state to develop the hidden potential of the land. With the development of business tourism, Kerala is to see a rise in business enterprises in the land offering job opportunity to the educated youngsters. With the development of different business in the land, the business tourism would increase the chance of youngsters getting job opportunity.

With a number of destinations with various tourist attributes, Kerala is a land which houses different categories of tourism. Apart from the types of tourism given above the tourism department and the Kerala government have introduced a number of other tourists like the wildlife tourism which includes destination with wild and vegetation, educational tourism which is mainly meant for students which include destinations which provide knowledge, medical tourism which includes destinations with medical importance, Ayurvedic tourism which would include Ayurvedic destinations, cultural tourism which includes the cultural destinations in the state, historical tourism which includes the destinations with historical importance and much more. It is with the introduction of different branches in tourism that the flow of tourist visiting the state increased. The different categories of tourism clearly explain the wide verity of tourist attractions present in a land. For travellers who wish to explore each and every element of Kerala the different categories of tourism would clearly explain the different categories available.

Friday, 15 December 2017

Idukki – a hill station with history where the nature dwells

Bangalore is one of the busiest cities in India which is mostly known as the business hub or the IT hub of Kerala. Being in this thickly populated city for more than 6 years, I was totally doomed and depressed with my life. All I wanted was a break from this boring city life and increasing tension and workloads. Taking a break from the busy working life on the 4th of December I finally planned a trip to Idukki by availing one of the best Kerala tour packages from Bangalore which was planned and organised by Seasonz India Holidays. The trip was scheduled on the 6th of December to Idukki, one of the best hill station and the 14th district of Kerala. Finally, on the 6th of December, I reached the Bangalore airport by 8 and after a flight of about 3 hrs; I reached the Cochin international airport at 11 am. At the airport, I was welcomed by the tour operators and was lead to the taxi which was already waiting for me. From the airport, I was accompanied by a travel guide who would help me know more about the destinations I visit during the trip. It was about 3.30 hrs of travel from the Cochin international airport to Idukki. We started our trip from the airport to our destination by 11.30 am and reached the place by 3.30 pm. On the way, we stopped to have the lunch from a Dhaba. The food in Kerala is entirely different from that in Bangalore. The flavours and spices of the land give in a unique and mouth-watering smell to the food in the place which is entirely different from that in Bangalore.

We reached the Idukki town by 3.30 pm and checked in to the hotel that was pre-booked for me by 4.00pm. After refreshing and having a tea I reached back to the guide by 4.30, it was already evening and so the destination I was to visit the day was just one, the Kulamavu Dam. After travelling for about 20 min, I finally reached my first destination of the day by almost 5 pm. The Kulamavu Dam was one of the best hiking destinations in Idukki, me being a crazy lover of nature decided to hike to the peak to enjoy the natural beauty of the hills covered in mist and the beautiful sunset. It took me about an hour to reach the peak of the hills. The view which the peak offered was fascinating; by the time I reached the peek the mist was already kicking into the hills. It was freezing cold in the hills that I was not able to hold in the place for long. After enjoying the sunset I immediately got down to the base. I reached back to the base by around 7.30 pm; it was already dark and freezing cold so I decided to get back to the room. I reached back to the room by around after refreshing I decided to have the dinner from the restaurant in the hotel. The food provided in the place was delicious with different spices and flavours. After having the dinner I got back to the room by 9.30 and decided to sleep on as I had a busy day ahead.

I woke up the next day by 7 am and after refreshing I had the breakfast and set off for my trip. According to the plan, my destinations to be visited for the day included Thommenkuttu Falls, the Idukki Arch Dam and the Hill-view Park. I started my trip for the day from the hotel after checking out by 9 am and after travelling for about 30 min I reached my first destination of the day, the Thommenkuttu Falls. The falls were one of the best destinations that I visited in Idukki. Located about 17 km off Thodupuzha these scenic falls have 7 steps through which the water rushes down to the pool. The place was one of the best destinations for trekking and rock climbing apart from the waters and rock climbing one thing that attracted me to the place was the different activities offered by the tour operators like boating, horse riding and more. I enjoyed horse riding and boating first and then moved on to enjoy the waters. After playing in the waters for a while I moved to my next destination of the day, the Idukki Arch Dam.

After driving for about 30 min from the falls I finally reached the Arch Dam. The dam was one of the oldest built by the Britishers. The dam was built across two beautiful hills which were known as the Kuravan and Kurathi hills. The beauty of the hills and the greenery of the place add up to the beauty of the dam. Built across a minimum height of 550fts, the Idukki Arch Dam was considered as an architectural wonder. Built by the Britishers the dam was one of the main sources of water to Tamilnadu and the people in the area. The way in which the dam is built was something that fascinated me, the cool breeze and ambiance of the place where one of the best things that one could enjoy in the place. After being on the dam for a while I moved to my next destination of the day, the Hill-view Park.

The Hill view park was said to be one of the best and most beautiful tourist destination in Idukki. After travelling for about an hour from the dam I finally reached the Hill-view Park by 1 pm. The park located in Idukki, was one of the most beautiful destinations a nature lover could explore and visit. Filled with greenery and natural habitat the place was one of the best destinations in Idukki, from where you could enjoy the enticing beauty of the Cheruthoni Dam and the Idukki Arch Dam. Apart from the beauty of the place, the park could be said as one of the best destination for trekking and from where you could enjoy the true beauty of the wild. As I had no much time to trek in the place I left after enjoying the scenery and the beauty of the place. It was my last destination for the day, after exploring the place I decided to head back to the airport which was again at a 4 hr distance from Idukki. After travelling for a while I finally reached back to the airport by 7 pm and took a 3 hr flight back to Bangalore.

The day I spend in Idukki was one of the most relaxing and refreshing. Far away from the daily routines and city life it was the only vacation I had after 5 long years. Kerala was one of the most beautiful destinations. Unlike Bangalore, Kerala houses a number of locations with natural beauty and importance which are the prominent destinations in most Kerala tourism packages. Hill stations like, Munnar, Idukki, Wayanad, Gavi are all examples of such destinations with natural beauty and wildlife that attracts travellers from around the world to Kerala. For travellers who wish to escape from the depressing city life the wild and beauty of nature, Kerala would be the ideal destination. 

Wednesday, 11 October 2017

The Wilderness Aptly Captured In Cameras, In Search Of the Scenic Locale of Pulimurugan

We all are some way or the other movie buffs and love to watch a movie in the weekend after keeping aside the busy daily life pressures. Inside a multiplex, with high definition video and audio effects, nowadays, watching a movie is like a different experience which is hard to explain. Whatever we see on the big screens with all other light off is really appealing and if it presents wonderful scenery then our enthusiasm widens. Athirappally waterfalls in Bahubali and other movies was really a scene stealer and same like there are other places captured in cameras arousing curiosity among the audiences.It has been a year after the release of the big budget and book office cracker of ever time superstar, Mohanlal movie Pulimurugan where hunt of man versus wild was shot. After the release of the movie, people from different parts of places landed Kerala and were in search of the scenic place pictured. Audiences were moved by the wilder beauty of that place. They thought such a scenic splendor was in Munnar or Thekkady and started booking several Kerala tourism packages. The social media popularized the place and finally, its name was out. 

The picturesque forest captured in the movie was Pooyamkutti, in Ernakulam district near to Kothamangalam. It was a real surprise to know that the forest was located in Ernakulam district instead of some other popular locations in Kerala. 

Before Pulimurugan, Pooyamkutti has shown its eminence in another Mohanlal movie named Shikkar. The movie was not a blockbuster hit but still, the place was perfectly shot. It is after the Pulimurugan release, the popularity of the place soared.

Tourists especially, youngsters were so thrilled to visit the place and most of them planned a trekking to the inner skirts of Pooyamkuti forests. The social media's publicity was the main reason for more trekking to this place. The exact location is about 27 kilometers from Kothamangalam and to see the wilderness of the forest, a prior permission is needed. On the way to Poyyamkutti, there are many breathtaking attractions and after tasting its beauty, continue the journey to the abode of Murugan, the wild hunter. The route can be picked as Kothamangalam to Thattekad to reach Kuttampuzha and from there Pooyamkutti.

The Thattekad bird sanctuary is famous and is a bird lover's paradise. On the way, a visit can be made to this wonderful bird sanctuary. It is the venture of the great ornithologist, Dr Salim Ali and after a research in early times; he convinced Travancore kings that the place is abundant with a rich diversity of birds. This place is perfect for trekking too. Kuttampuzha is another location which is an offbeat attraction and not so popular. Kerala has several such places which are not so popular but its beauty is unexplainable and we can reap more memories from there. Some honeymoon couples demand privacy for spending their newly wedded days to enjoy nature and for them, these offbeat places can be preferred. Kuttampuzha is such a place that can be included in the honeymoon packages in Kerala. It is actually a tiny scenic hamlet in Kerala where people are involved in farming and other agricultural practices and are far away from the commercialization. It is the meeting point of two rivers namely Pooyamkutti and Edamalayar, hence the name 'Koodum' meaning meeting and 'Puzha', river. On must really appreciate the diversity of butterflies of this village with Gladey bush brown and Malabar rose varieties. To feel the chillness of the water, there are several bathing Ghats around the village. After filling your senses with a soothing village life experience, continue the journey to the wild.

Pooyamkutti and its forests belong to the Malayatoor forest division. The Pooyamkutti River is what separating the town from the forests. It is the tributary of Periyar River. The most exciting thing one can see here is the tribal villages inside the forest. One must take a 10 kilometers trek inside to watch the tribal world. The watch of bamboo huts and their happily living are quite thrilling to behold. One thing which is unknown to the world is that Pooyamkutty is the habitat for wild elephants and there are huge numbers of them inside the forests. Unlike shot in the movie, where tigers are the frequented wild animal here, the elephants are the villain but this a place where the humans and elephants have learned to coexist Tribal live in harmony with the elephants. One interesting fact is that the Pooyamkutty forests lye in the Western Ghats, connecting Eravikulam National park and Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary. Hence, this is the major elephant migration route, thus allowing a huge population of elephants to nurture here. The population of bamboo forests is another reason why elephants migrate to Pooyamkutti forests. There are fastly growing bamboo trees inside the forest and thus bamboo domination is more here. These forests are the breeding grounds for freely roaming elephants.

Another suggestion is that trekking can be done in the Pooyamkuty forests with your friends. Lucky are those youngsters in the Ernakulam district as they can opt it as a weekend trip involving great kind of adventure. For people from faraway places, visiting Kerala during holidays is suggested. It is really difficult for new ones in Kerala to figure out the place and hence seeking the guidance of tour planners is necessary and by choosing some attractive Kerala holiday packages, a guided trekking will be offered to the tourists. One thing you must be bewares of while trekking is the elephants. But as per the locals there, the elephants are really active during nights and are not often encountered in days unless a threat for their habitat occurs. To get inside the forest, jungle route is the only way after crossing the river. The elephants used to damage the crops and for protecting from which, electric fences are built at some locations. The avid trekkers can smell the fresh elephant dung on your way. They will come to the jungle route or tribal village at night and afterwards move to the banks of Pooyamkutty River. But this is not a sight that can be seen in daytime. Another interesting attraction here is the Peendimedu waterfalls which are 8 kilometers deep inside the forest. This is a very large waterfall, and realising its potential, a hydroelectric project named Indira Priyadarshini was proposed to cover 1000 MW same like Idukki dam but was changed to 210 MW later. The environmental issues and the threat to biodiversity are what lying as a hindrance to this project.

We have seen a bridge in the Pulimurugan movie and is the only way to cross the river and connects Poyyamkuty to Manikandamchal. Manikandamchal is a village and the bridge is named as Chappath by locals. The call of the jungle is characterized by the sound of langurs and macaques. To reach the tribal colony, 20 kilometers of a trek is needed and from where good quality pure and natural honey can be bought. Almost 100 tribes inhabit the village and a healthy interaction can give you a chance to get some tribal products. Never try to visit the forest during monsoons as the river will be flooded making the trek difficult and risky. It is best to trek after monsoons preferably after October. This is a ride to explore the locations of the Pulimurugan and witness the wildness of the forest in real.

Sunday, 23 July 2017


Kerala's culture always welcomed various people and their religion, also played host to foreigners and embraced them and respected their religion to nurture in our land which slowly intricated to weave a social framework thus the earliest Muslim place of worship in India was established in Kerala. Islam came to India with Muslim invasions and Arab change to the Malabar Coast in the 7th–8th century. The Malabar area of Kerala became the primary location on the land of India wherein Islam first preached. The Muslim religion is the second most practiced belief in the Kerala State of India.  Muslims has a superb position in influencing the artwork, lifestyle and economic system of the united states. Kerala is the house to a number of the fantastically designed mosques that depicts the brilliant architecture and artwork of that time frame. Apart from Cherman Juma Masjid, Kanjiramattom Mosque, Jama-at-Mosque, Beemapalli mosque are some of the other prominent mosques of Kerala. These mosques are attended by means of the devotees from everywhere in the world and with various celebrations in Kerala, thousands of people gather for the festival. In the month of Ramzan, there are much inflow of Muslims as well as tourists to various mosques in Kerala to behold their relatives and during these times, the holidays allow Best Kerala tourism packages to be sold out in large numbers as they can take a break from daily life. The Muslim religion has strong roots in Kerala now and has become a part of the culture of Kerala. To take the architectural marvel of the state to a sacred height, the mosques in Kerala have also played a major role. Some of the Mosques in Kerala State are –

Cheraman Juma Masjid in Kodungalloor

The construction of this mosque has an interesting story behind and relating to its name, in ancient t times king Cheraman Perumal has decided to convert to Islam and abdicate for which he traveled to Mecca and spend some days there. Before his return, he caught ill and died there. The king has already written a letter of introduction to his family and friends. Later after his death, the Mallik Ibn and his followers came to Kodungallor and showed the ruling chieftain the letter. Following which they were allowed to build a mosque at Kodungalloor(Thrissur) and thus the Cheraman Juma Masjid came into existence in 629 AD. Most of the mosques face west but unlike which the Cheraman Juma Masjid faces east as a symbol signifying facing to Mecca, where the king died.

Mallin Ibn Deenar Mosque at Kasargod

This mosque was built by Mallil Ibn who was a companion of the great Islamic prophet Mohammed. One of the best-kept attraction in Kasargod district where a majority of Muslims are encountered. The mosque is considered sacred by Muslims as it houses the grave of Mallil Ibn. He is the known Muslim who has come in India to propagate Islam Apart from being a pilgrim centre, the Masjid acts as a historic monument of the district. The king chairman Perumal was moved by his prophecies and befriended him. This ended up with his decision to embrace Islamism. This religious harmony has resulted in erecting a mosque here which is purely built in Kerala style. Located at Thalangara, just one kilometre from Kasargod, the mosque has intricate carvings on its wooden pillars written in Arabic. In latticed woodwork, the details of construction of the mosque are depicted in Arabic. The important celebration of this mosque is the arrival of Mallil Ibn who himself is the founder of the mosque. People from nearby places especially Karnataka, visit the mosque thus Thrilling Kerala tour packages from Bangalore is a constant tour package during peak seasons. The flooring in the mosque is an ought to see factor as they are made up of marbles imported from Mecca by Mallik Ibn.

Mampuram mosque in Tirurangadi

Once the mosque acted as mustering place for rebels of Khalifa movement in the early 1920s.Thus the mosque not being elder still marks a presence in history when on the national agreement the Indian national congress and Khalifa movement leaders to rebel against Britishers. This famous rebel is known in Malabar as Mappila Lahala. The mosque invites almost 5000 visitors on daily basis. Here at the Dargah, walath majilith is conducted every Thursday.

Thazhatangady Juma Masjid at Kottayam

Over 1000 years old, the mosque is also being called as taj Juma Masjid ageing almost 1000 years. The mosque is constructed in Kerala style with intricate wooden carvings, thus it's a part of heritage zone of Kerala now. It is well-known for its richness of architecture, wooden carvings, and the beauty. The Southern half of the mosque is demolished and extended with iron pillars, aluminium sheets, and seminars in 2012. This mosque is situated on the banks of the Meenachil river.The ancestors of this Masjid got here and settled in Kottayam, of Kerala.The Muslims who lived right here performed a lively role in Freedom Struggle and different National Movements.

Odathil Palli at Thalasserry

The mosque architecture is a blend of both Hindu and Muslim architecture still holding its eminence without a reconstruction. The reason why a Hindu touch has involved in the architecture is that long years ago when Tipu Sultan invasions were going on a Muslim wealthy trader named Marakkar belonging to a prominent keyi family has provided refugee to Hindu family in Thiruvithamkur. Pleased king ha suffered timbers for building a mosque named Odathil Palli ageing 200 years old. The mosque didn't undergo any major construction since then and much of Kerala architecture. The wood carvings are splendid to watch. Marakkar built a stunning mosque in Thalassery within the 'Karimbin-odam' (sugar cane plantation) formerly belonged to the Dutch, occupied by the British. Odam means 'garden' in Dutch. Since it became built in Odam the mosque got here to be known as Odathil Palli, meaning 'mosque in Odam'. The mosque had copper plate roofing and golden dome in the minor and proportion the scenic capabilities as the ones cited in the Brahminical way of life. There became a competition in laying the dome as a privilege enjoyed by the people of the temples so Zamorin gave speed permission to lay the domes and the minaret. It highlights the communal concord that prevailed in those days and the coverage of enlightened toleration accompanied through the Kerala rulers. All Muslims can offer prayers. In the Kabaristan that is the graveyard adjoining to the mosque only the useless bodies of those related to Key is are buried.
Odathil Palli is a vacation spot that travelers and vacationers come to look. During seasons Kerala tour packages would seek the need of pilgrim tour to famous mosques including odathil. The highlights of Odathil Palli are that it has the everyday Kerala structure, and it's far in the coronary heart of Tellicherry. The crown at the roof is a product of gold. The mosque continues to be in use for worship these days. The Masjid has mainly 3 front. First one is through primary gate close to Thalassery old Bus-stand. Next one is through Logans Road, and 0.33 is the doorway through the outside of the construction which is linked to OV Road.

Wednesday, 12 April 2017


Tourism: the most exciting leisure of peoples. In India, it has lots of opportunities and space. Let's Google most thrilling tourist locations in India, you may get interesting outputs in an order of
·         Kerala
·         Rajasthan
·         Goa
·         Punjab
·         Uttar Pradesh
·         Gujarat and so on.

But most of the peoples have slight confusion which I also have….."Which one more interesting…is it Kerala or Rajasthan?" "Where to go?" "In which manner I extract my dream location?" like this so many thoughts were coming to mind during the beginning of the trip. Let's see which one is more attractive or else both have an entirely different specialty. Never know, but have possibilities to find better solutions.

Kerala is just awesome and popularly called "God's own country". From the pre-colonial era, it's a dreamy location for lots of travelers as well as flourished with beauty and all. Actually, I am wordless to portray the beauty of Kerala. Let's begin with the culture,

Kerala culture

The culture of Kerala is a blending of Aryan and Dravidian cultures, advanced and blended for centuries, underneath impacts from other elements of India and abroad. It is described by its antiquity and the organic continuity sustained by way of the Malayali people. 

The word ‘Kerala' means ‘land of Kera'. Where ‘Kera' is the local name of coconut. Like it said, the entire Kerala flourished with coconut trees and it offers luscious greenery to the state. According to mythology, the origin of Kerala closely related to Hindu tradition. Retrieval of Kerala from the sea done by great warrior Parasurama, one avatar of Mahavishnu. He just throws his battle axe into the sea.

Kerala arts
The 300-year vintage classical dance form "Kathakali" evolved in Kerala which combines the appearing artwork types of opera, ballet, masque, and pantomime. Other dance forms which are famous in Kerala and entice across globe are

  • ·         Krishnanattam
  • ·         Mohiniyattam
  • ·         Thullal
  • ·         Koodiyattam
  • ·         Kolkali
  • ·         Thiruvathirakali
  • ·         Kakkarissi Nadakam
  • ·         Oppana
  • ·         Chavittunatakam

Kerala is famous for its traditional mural paintings. In Kerala the mural paintings are common visuals, it mostly drowns on the walls of temples and churches and royal courtyards. Most of the paintings are drawn between 9th and12th centuries. The themes of these paintings are taken from mythological stories and epics. And vibrant and rich colors are the other attractions of these paintings. The famous murals in Kerala hold Mattancherry murals, Pundarikapuram murals, Ettumanur murals, Panayannarkavu murals and Padmanabhapuram murals.

Elephants a major part in Kerala culture

The elephants are an imperative a part of the culture and day to day life in Kerala. Those Indian elephants are given prestigious vicinity within the nation's lifestyle. They're frequently christened names through which they're regarded across the complete kingdom. Elephants in Kerala are regularly known as the 'sons of the say' and are imperative for temple fairs.

Kerala hill stations

The mountain ranges in Kerala which include the highland place of the Western Ghats exude an exceptional charm. Growing to a median top of 1520 m, the tropical forests of the Ghats house wealthy and specific flowers and fauna. The high ranges and hill stations are the favorite spots for nature fans and journey seekers. Expansive plantations of tea, coffee, rubber and aromatic cardamom and other spices, for which Kerala is famous for, are cultivated on the slopes of those hill stations.

Popular hill stations like
  • ·         Thekkady
  • ·         Munnar
  • ·         Vagamon
  • ·         Ponmudi
  • ·         Lakkidi
  • ·         Vythiri
  • ·         Idukki
  • ·         Peermedu
  • ·         Malampuzha
  • ·         Mattupetty
  • ·         Ayyampuzha
  • ·         Gavi
  • ·         Athirappally
  • ·         Charalkunnu
  • ·         Malayattur
  • ·         Kalpetta
  • ·         Thiruvambadi
  • ·         Malakkappara
  • ·         Vithura
  • ·         Ranipuram

Kerala beaches

Most stunning locations for both enthusiastic, as well as adventure travelers, always want to choose. The long lasting coastal area of beautiful Kerala, which located perfectly parallel to the Kerala landmarks one of the most beautiful attraction to experience. Every beach has its own specialty and importance, from top to bottom almost around more than 20 beaches are located in Kerala.

  • ·         Alappuzha Beach
  • ·         Chavakkad Beach
  • ·         Cherai Beach
  • ·         Bekal
  • ·         Kappad
  • ·         Kappkadavu
  • ·         Kollam Beach
  • ·         Kozhikode Beach
  • ·         Kovalam
  • ·         Meenkunnu Beach
  • ·         Muzhappilangad Beach
  • ·         Marari Beach
  • ·         Thekkumbhagom
  • ·         Shanghumugham Beach
  • ·         Snehatheeram Beach
  • ·         Payyambalam Beach
  • ·         Thirumullavaram Beach
  • ·         Varkala Beach
  • ·         Kannur Beach
  • ·         Payyoli Beach
  • ·         Somatheeram Beach

Kerala backwaters

The unique attractions in Kerala, Vembanad and Ashtamudi are the two stunning backwater locations which attract lots of travelers into the lap of Kerala. Alleppey is well known for backwaters and houseboat tours, one beautiful location for cute Romantic honeymoon packages in Kerala.

 Lying on the banks of Vembanad Lake and flourished with extreme flora and fauna. Due to the blessing of the canal system, it renowned as ‘Venice of the east' also has much more importance in the tourism field. ‘Ashtamudi' the ‘gateway of Kerala backwaters' exotic location to explore Kerala beauty. An eight-hour long journey between Kollam Alleppey houseboats rides one exotic journey for all travelers. And it is one famed waterway in Kerala too. Kollam beach, Thangassery lighthouse, Paravur Lake is other best exploration sites along with Ashtamudi in Kollam.

Rajasthan culture

Rajasthan has artistic and cultural traditions which mirror the historical Indian way of lifestyles. There is a wealthy and varied folk's lifestyle from villages that's regularly depicted as symbolic of the state. Rajasthan had a glorious history.

 It is recognized for many brave kings, their deeds; and their hobby in art and structure. Its call method "the land of the rajas". It was also referred to as Rajputana whose codes of chivalry shaped social mores simply as their regularly bitter and protracted feuding ruled their politics. Rajasthan, the land of Kings, has royal grandeur and an excellent history; it is a charming and fascinating nation of India. It is a tourism destination with lots of visitor points of interest and right traveler centers. This historical state of India draws tourists and travelers with its wealthy lifestyle, tradition, background, and monuments.

Rajasthan architecture

Rajasthan architecture, the key feature of Rajasthan tourism and it's a popular factor in Indian tourism industry too. There is list of places and also haves are flourished in Rajasthan and these are a feast for visitor's eyes.

  • ·         Amber Fort
  • ·         Barmer Fort
  • ·         Chittorgarh Fort
  • ·         Jaigarh Fort
  • ·         Jaisalmer Fort
  • ·         Mehrangarh Fort
  • ·         Nahargarh Fort
  • ·         Neemrana Fort Palace

And much more. Basically, Rajasthan is born and grows up during the shades of these attractions.

Thar Desert

The great Thar Desert located in the northwestern part of Indian subcontinent, and it's a major factor in India which possesses unique culture, lifestyle, tradition, and even language too. But it's really nice to experience these unique attractions. The desolate tract towns of Rajasthan consist of the golden city-Jaisalmer, crimson city-Jaipur, blue town-Jodhpur, Bikaner and town of lakes Udaipur. Amongst these desolate tract towns, Jaisalmer is known as the jewel of wasteland and famous for its top notch fort, camel safari, golden sand dunes and colorful way of life.

Rajasthan festivals

Both of these destinations are really fabulous, and each one has their own unique attractions. Can't say that one is much better than other…because both are really worth for tours and are budgeting too. Plan your more Stunning Kerala holiday packages along with Seasons India holidays and be a part of the lush green vegetation. Or else you can access Thrilling Kerala tour as well as Rajasthan tours with your availability.